A great compliment

Robert and I went to hear a lecture by James Hollis at the Oregon Friends of Jung.
Hollis has written many books. Robert went up to say hello after the lecture and
Hollis told him he'd read Robert's book Physicians of the Soul and that he'd even quoted
him in some of his lectures! Quite a compliment.

Commerative Plaque in Norway honors Kopperdahls

A long awaited plaque has been installed in Undredal, Norway to honor the Nedberge and Kopperdahl families that emigrated to the United States from their farms in hte mid 1800's. The farms are visable almost 2000 vertical feet up from the Aurslandfjorden.It is a spectacular site.
The date of the ribbon cutting will be July 27, 2014 but there are several days of activities associated with this event.

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