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Spiritual and Religion Links

Richard Maurice Bucke, MD.
(Psychiatrist/mystic, and author of "Cosmic Consciousness")

William James
(Philosopher/psychologist, famous for "The Varieties of Religious Experience")

Sigmund Freud
(Love him or hate him, his impact on the 20th Century was tremendous)

Carl Jung
(Original student of Freud, then broke off, and discovered the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious)

G.I. Gurdjieff
(Friend of Beelzebub, met remarkable men, and heralded the coming good)

Abraham Maslow
(Famous for his "Hierarchy of Needs"and "Self Actualization" - among other concepts)

Jean Houston
(Multilevel philosopher/psychologist/mythologist/theologian
- world traveler and global networker for change)

Xena, Warrior Princess
(Joseph Campbell would have a field day!)

My wife, Margie's Website: Margie Lee Art Works
(A site displaying Margie's Paintings, Illustrations and Writings)