Physicians of the Soul


is the original book (1982, 1988, 1991) by Robert M. May, Ph.D. It has received many published reviews and famous author endorsements. The Episcopal priest, Jungian analyst, and author, John A. Sanford said: “I know of no other book that does what Robert May’s Physicians of the Soul accomplishes. If anyone wanted to know more of the inner meaning of the world’s great religions this would be the book to refer to.”


Part travel journal, part history, part family stories, Lee’s book takes you through the immigrant experience and what it was like to live and survive in the Northern Midwest from the mid to late 1800’s. Following four generations, Lee talks about her ancestors that were part of what came to be known as the “second great migration” of Scandinavians to the Pacific Coast around 1900.

Cosmic Consciousness Revisited


This is a new book by Robert M. May, Ph.D., the author of Physicians of the Soul, which Dr. Jean Houston has called “the seminal work in the field of sacred psychology.” In a personal letter to the author, Nobel Laureate, Sir John Eccles said of Dr. May’s new book: “It is an amazing book … l appreciate very much your intense involvement with the human mystery of being.”

Saturday Afternoons ……


We are four Portland women of diverse backgrounds who were drawn together through our love of poetry and our respect for the magic of the written word. We became friends through newspapers, art, flowers, other friends, relatives, and just plain proximity. We hope you enjoy the music of four different Portland voices.

Seeing Myself







Kinfolk now available at, and other internet sites, and through Brekke Tours .

Two Totem Events and News:

Margie has two new poetry books out, Seeing Myself and Blood.

Blood is available at Boys Fort in downtown Portland, across from Target.

Margie’s book was available there when author Mary Pacios launched her her new memoir: Memoir of an Unintentional Feminist.