Margie R. Lee
ISBN: 978-0-615-13222-8
178 pages
illustrations and indexed


Part travel journal, part history, part family stories, Lee’s book takes you through the immigrant experience and what it was like to live and survive in the Northern Midwest from the mid to late 1800’s. Following four generations, Lee talks about her ancestors that were part of what came to be known as the “second great migration” of Scandinavians to the Pacific Coast around 1900.

Reviews & Endorsements

Margie Lee was born and raised in Bellingham, a descendant of one of the many immigrant Norwegian/German families drawn to the area by logging and fishing. One set of grandparents, Peter P. and Lucy Lee owned the Lee Wholesale Grocery at Maple and State streets and later Chestnut St. and Railroad Avenue. The other set, George and Adolphena Kopperahl, ran the Bellingham Steam Laundry in Fairhaven and the Cascade Laundry (next to the current Whactom Museum). This book is a loving tribute to the history of both sides of her family. It is written in story form with charming, often humorous dialogue that draws the reader into each character’s life. The story will engage anyone interested in local history, especially other Scandinavian desendants. Ms. Lee’s extensive list of sources is impressive.

“History News” Whatcom County Historical Society March 2007 Volume 12, Issue 6 Bellingham, Washington.

Endorsement by Jean Houston, author of twenty seven books including The Possible Human and A Passion for the Possible:
(Kinfolk) …is quite wonderful–a rich full telling of relatives and their lives and travels. It is the pioneer spirit at its best, writ large and luminous. I feel as if I have known each one of her forebears and have learned their hearts and souls. Margie is truly a wonderfully evocative writer.


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Two Totem Events and News:

Margie has two new poetry books out, Seeing Myself and Blood.

Blood is available at Boys Fort in downtown Portland, across from Target.

Margie’s book was available there when author Mary Pacios launched her her new memoir: Memoir of an Unintentional Feminist.