Margie Lee


Margie was born and grew up in Bellingham, Washington, where logging and fishing attracted a large immigrant Scandinavian population. She went on to a career as an artist for many years, living in various parts of the country, including New York, Boston, and San Diego. Currently she lives with her husband, author, Robert May in Portland, Oregon, where she is an artist, writer, and videographer. Margie has a MLA in English Literature from Harvard University where she did a Master’s thesis with Scandinavian scholar, Dr. Einar Haugen on two Norwegian American immigrant writers. This inspired Margie to research and write about her own heritage.


Kinfolk now available at, and other internet sites, and through Brekke Tours .

Two Totem Events and News:

Margie has two new poetry books out, Seeing Myself and Blood.

Blood is available at Boys Fort in downtown Portland, across from Target.

Margie’s book was available there when author Mary Pacios launched her her new memoir: Memoir of an Unintentional Feminist.