Robert M. May, Curriculum Vitæ

Job Objective:
Teaching: Psychology and/or Religion

Ph.D., Berne University: International Graduate School, Wolfeboro Falls, NH, & St. Kitts, W.l., Psychology and Religion 1995-1997

Ph.D. Cand., ABD. MA, Rutgers University, Newark NJ, Cognitive Psychology 1967- 1969

Yeshiva University, New York, NY. Psycholinguistics Program 1966 – 1967

MA, Syracuse University. New York, NY, Personality/Social Psychology 1964 – 1966

BA. New York University. New York. NY, Psychology Major/Philosophy Minor 1960 – 1963

Hobart College, Geneva. NY. Liberal Arts 1959-1960

Teaching Experience:
Marylhurst College, Lake Oswego, Oregon, Fall 1992 – Spring 1994

Instructor in Comparative Religion, Psychology and Religion, and Tai Chi Chuan

University of Southern Maine, Portland. Maine. Fall 1986 – Spring 1991

Instructor in Comparative Religions and Depth Psychologies

University of Massachusetts, Harbor Campus. Boston. Mass., Summer 1986

Instructor in Social Psychology

University of California, San Diego. La Jolla, CA. Fall 1981 – Spring 1982

Instructor in Personality Theories and Comparative Religion

Central Connecticut State College, New Britain, CT, Fall 1969 – Spring 1971

Assistant Professor Psychology: Personality Theory. Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and introductory Psychology

Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, Fall 1967 – Spring 1969

Teaching Assistant and instructor in Introductory Psychology, Experimental Psychology and Psycholinguistics Seminar

Lectures and Seminars:
Holden Village, Chelan. Washington, “World Religions”, Aug.-Sept 1993.

Conant and Conant Bookstore, Portland, Oregon: Sacred Psychologies , March – June 1992

Trinity Episcopal Church, Portland, Maine, “What is Islam?,” June 1991

Jung Center. Bowdoin College. Brunswick, Maine. John Sanford’s “The Kingdom Within,” March 1990

Jung Center, Bowdoin College, Brunswick Maine, Richard Bucke’s “Cosmic Conscious-ness,” February 1989

Jung Annual Conference. Oceanside. CA. “Moses and the Exodus as an Allegory of the Journey to Self,” June 1983

University of Humanistic Studies, San Diego, CA, “The Role of the Master in Consciousness Traditions,” June 1983

Jung Center, San Diego. CA. “The Quest for the Holy Grail,” May 1980

Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida, “Religious Psychologies, April 1977

Books Published and/or in Progress:
PHYSICIANS OF THE SOUL. Crossroad. NYC, 1982, Amity House. Wanwick, NY 1988
reprinted in paperback by Element inc., Rockport, Mass., Element Books Ltd., Shaftsbury Dorset, England 1991

COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS REVISITED. The Modern Origins and Development of Western Spiritual Psychology, Element inc., Rockport, Mass., Element Books Ltd., Shattsbury Dorset England 1993

OZ and OTHER MYTHS OF THE JOURNEY, being considered for publication in 1998



Special Training and Experiences
From 1971 – 1981, I pursued a personal – spiritual path which involved intensive training and studies. one to one, and in groups with teachers in ten different religious, spiritual, or depth psychological traditions around the world:

Arica Training, Oscar Ichazo, Chile
Sufi Studies, Adnan Sarhan, Iraq (taught in USA)
Taoism and Tai Chi Chuan, William C.C. Chen, China (taught in NYC)
Yoga, Swami Vishnu Devananda. Quebec. Canada
Tantra, Bhagwan Rajneesh, India
Tibetan Buddhism, Chogyam Trungpa, Boulder, CO
Kabbala, Rabbis Zalman Schacter, Schlomo Carlebach, and Joseph Gelberman, NYC and San Francisco
Jungian Psychology, Robert Johnson and John Sanford, San Diego, CA
Inca Indian Teachings, Tupac Amaru, Peru

Christian Teachings:
Dean James Parks Morton – Episcopal, Fr. Stanley Gross – Episcopal, Pastor Ron Shonk – Lutheran, Pastor Fred Reisz – Lutheran.

Awards and Hobbies
N.I.M.H. Predoctoral Fellowship in Psycholinguistics. 1968 – 1969

Art – Painting and Photography. Martial Arts- Tai Chi Chuan, Kenpo, Judo and Aikido.

Dr. William R. Rogers, President-Emeritus, Guilford College. Greensboro. NC
Former Parkman Prof. of Psychology and Religion at Harvard University, Mentor in subject: Berne U.

Dr. Kenneth Fishell, Dean Emeritus. Professor. University of Vermont, Burlington, VT., Dean of Faculty, Berne University, Dissertation Advisor: Berne U.

Dr. Henri J. M. Nouwen, DAYBREAK: L,Arche. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada Former Prof. of Theology at Harvard Divinity School. Many-times published author, including The Wounded Healer. The Way of the Heart. etc.

Dr. Jean Houston, Foundation for Mind Research, Box 3300, Pomona, NY. Author of: The Possible Human. The Search for The Beloved, etc.

Rev. John A. Sanford, 2829 Albatross St., San Diego, CA. Episcopal priest, Jungian analyst, and many-times published author, including The Kingdom Within. Dreams: God’s Forgotten Language, etc.

Dr. Paul Chu. Central Connecticut State College, New Britain, CT. Psychology professor and published poet Touches du Couer

Dr. Allan Gilchrist Rutgers University. Newark, NJ. Chairman, Graduate Psychology Department

Larry Dossey, MD., Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico, author: Healing Words, Space-Time Medicine, etc.

Upcoming Events

January 31, at 2 PM Margie will read from her new poetry book Seeing Myself along with Mary Pacios who will read from her new memoir at the Friendly House 1737 NW 26th Ave, Portland, OR  97201.  Also art work, prints and drawings by Pacios and Lee will be on exhibit at Friendly House until February 28.


Come visit the Creative Spirit Show of Fine Art and Craft  at the Westminster Presbyterian Church February 14-23.  Margie will have five paintings available.  The show is open M – F from 10 am to 5 pm.  The church is located at 1624 NE Hancock Street, Portland, OR  97212.  Reception on February 14, 7 pm.  Jazz and Auction!


A one woman show of Margie’s acrylic paintings from March 28 to April 25 will take place at the Pioneer Chapel Gallery at St. James Lutheran Church with a reception for the artist April 19 where Margie will talk about her new work at 6 p.m.