Seeing Myself

Seeing Myself

Margie Lee



Except the cool mud and the vivid skies not yet faded
by summer’s sun?
And the fact that one minute it’s raining
and the next it’s sunny?
What can I tell you
about the people in shorts when it’s freezing
and that flu came late this year?
(Though it’s always at the same time.)
Little balls of snow piling up and then washing away
next to daffodil clumps and crocus popping
taxicab yellow.

You already know that daffodils come first
like horns announcing royalty.
They stand in a line and blare out the strong single notes.
No subtle harmony!
No trembling strings!
A solid note of confidence.

there is a spring.
And yes, we will rise up.


These poems .. have a pulse, a rhythm that takes them beyond the chopped-up prose that is often presented as poetry. The content, especially in the family section,Is often painful but it’s presented in a tough-minded way that is never cloying or maudlin.

John Kleinhans, Former president Of Woodstock School of Art, NY, author of An Image of Monhegan


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Two Totem Events and News:

Margie has two new poetry books out, Seeing Myself and Blood.

Blood is available at Boys Fort in downtown Portland, across from Target.

Margie’s book was available there when author Mary Pacios launched her her new memoir: Memoir of an Unintentional Feminist.