A long awaited plaque has been installed in Undredal, Norway to honor the Nedberge and Kopperdahl families that emigrated to the United States from their farms in hte mid 1800’s. The farms are visable almost 2000 vertical feet up from the Aurslandfjorden.It is a spectacular site.

The date of the ribbon cutting will be July 27, 2014 but there are several days of activities associated with this event.

Having been to the site myself in 2006, I can attest to the beauty of the farm sites as well as the difficulty my ancestors experienced living there. The “high up” farms as they are known were on land so steep that the children had to be tied to trees to keep them from roiling off! Imagine the process of going down steep goat trails to go to church, visit friends, and sell butter. Speaking of butter, I am told the high up farms had the best.

Life was so different for them I can only imagine, the tasks of getting firewood, carrying water, tending goats and cows, in snow and rain. It boggles the mind. But it is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Two of my ancestors grew up there. My great great grandmother Ragnhild, who married my great great grandfather Johannes, who retained the name Kopperdahl, and her sister Katrina, who settled in Wacouta, Minnesota and married into my great great grandfather, Peterson.
We are very honored and so thankful to those who participated in this two country process to see the project through and now there is a record that will point people across the fjord to farms from another era, before highways and cars, planes and computers, when hardy folks lived on the “high up” farms.